Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul.
— Linda Solegato

Indoor tropical plants beautify our surroundings, improve productivity and generate a sense of well being, contributing to better overall health. Need assistance with tropical interiorscape design and/or maintenance? Contact me today.


Discover why nature is so important in our built environments.

What can indoor plants do for you?

  • Improve indoor air quality by removing air-borne toxins and pollutants that can cause illness such as asthma, respiratory illness and even cancer

  • Add beauty and style to the room

  • Produce oxygen, and reduce carbon dioxide levels

  • Reduce office noise levels

  • Lower stress and fatigue, improving productivity

  • Keep you company and make you smile (is that just me?)

  • Some flower, adding colour

Click here for a link to NASA Guide to Air Filtering Houseplants

Photo provided by Green Plants for Green Buildings.

Photo provided by Green Plants for Green Buildings.