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In this era of never ending distractions, sometimes taking pause to appreciate nature in your surroundings can be ultimately therapeutic. In the midst of our busy lifestyles, perhaps some plant therapy is in order.


Small succulent and tropical creations to brighten your home or workspace. Gifts for any occasion, wedding succulent decor, get your teacher gifts today!

Living walls, filled with indoor tropical plants

Living walls, filled with indoor tropical plants


Tropical plants and more

Small yet inspiring creations (microscapes) for your home or office environments. I use low maintenance plants including succulents that will stay perfectly happy with minimal care. (These examples are introductory, many more to come, especially holiday themed!)

The containers are usually re-purposed, keeping the costs down for you. Prices vary from $15-50 I also carry a selection of small and medium sized Aloe vera plants, great for medicinal purposes (minor cuts, etc).

I often use vermiculite for packing material for many reasons. It is reusable - it can be used within houseplant soil for extra aeration and water retention. An internet search will produce many other uses for this product.

Many of the microscapes are one-of-a-kind creations, depending on the availability of glassware and plants, I can also re-create many of the styles shown.

Something to note: succulents are generally hypoallergenic so they are a great choice for home, office or events.

What are succulents? They are plants without leaves, or with thick fleshy leaves and/or stems that are capable of storing water. They like well drained soil, bright light and do not like to be in moist soil all the time.

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Please follow the care guide included with your purchase and use the eyedropper to water, less mess! And remember with succulents, LESS IS MORE! Keep an eye on your microscape, if you see shriveled leaves - add a small amount of water to the base of the plant. Water on the leaves may cause rot. If the bottom leaves are turning different colors, it is likely a sign of overwatering. Avoid fertilizing. Place in an area with direct or partial sun (indoors), most succulents love lots of light.

Most indoor plants perish due to over watering.

For now, here is a great start: Succulent Care


For your indoor tropical plant care and maintenance, please contact me for pricing.


Here is a great article on the toxicity of succulents.

Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul.
— Linda Solegato

Indoor tropical plants beautify our surroundings, improve productivity and generate a sense of well being, contributing to better overall health. Need assistance with tropical interiorscape maintenance? Contact me today.

What can indoor plants do for you?

  • Improve indoor air quality by removing air-borne toxins and pollutants that can cause illness such as asthma, respiratory illness and even cancer
  • Add beauty and style to the room
  • Produce oxygen, and reduce carbon dioxide levels
  • Reduce office noise levels
  • Lower stress and fatigue, improving productivity
  • Keep you company and make you smile (is that just me?)
  • Some flower, adding colour

Click here for a link to NASA Guide to Air Filtering Houseplants

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